About Us

Our Vision

To provide all people with the resources and technology required to maintain healthy and safe environments worldwide.

Our History

Environmental Health and Security Publishing L.L.C. (EHS) was founded in 2003 by Alan Borner as the venue for all products and technologies conceived and researched through initial development by the non-profit think tank Environmental Hazards Management Institute (EHMI). EHS produces, markets, and distributes environmental health and safety products, services, and technologies for individuals of all ages as well as for organizations and agencies in the private and public sector. Two recent EHS interactive tools, the Mold Management and Emergency Readiness and National Security wheels, are national best sellers.

Our Process

A "Knowledge Manufacturing" process solidifies the collaboration between EHMI and EHS Publishing. Unique to the EHMI process is the creation of a council of multi-disciplinary private and public organizations and institutions comprised of both professional and lay individuals. This diverse group determines the scope and nature of every single product well before product development and research. The council members submit vast amounts of information which is then hammered into concise tools for the general public, local, state and federal agencies, military bases and trade associations. These tools are based on sound science yet are easy-to-use. That political, business and environmental interests should come into conflict with one another is as certain that our bodies will come into conflict with the environment itself. But conflict can be invigorating, and by harnessing the power of the diverse reactions to the problems that face us all, EHMI is in a unique position to identify solutions that clarify the natural alignment between individuals, businesses and the globe. EHS exists to bring those solutions to you.

"Conflict is the gadfly of thought. It stirs us to observation and memory. It instigates to invention. It shocks us out of sheeplike passivity, and sets us at noting and contriving." -John Dewey

Founder and President
Alan John Borner

alan_borner.jpgAlan John BornerAlan founded Environmental Health and Security Publishing, L.L.C. because of his passion for and pioneering works in the field of environmental health and safety. For more than thirty years, Alan has built a bedrock international reputation with his contributions to disaster preparedness and environmental health. Perceiving a gap between the knowledge available about environmental health issues and the widespread distribution of that information, Alan was motivated to produce educational materials, training, and environmental sensor technologies that meet today's emergency response and environmental health requirements. EHS was created as the outlet to get these products to the individuals and organizations that need them most.

With unique, interactive, multimedia educational tools, EHS Publishing empowers people not only to assess and respond to emergencies, but how to sustain healthy environments in their homes, businesses and communities. EHS products are used by more than 15 million citizens, educators, activists, students, employees, and military and government officials worldwide.

EHS Publishing was the natural outgrowth of Alan's work at Environmental Hazards Management Institute (EHMI), which he founded in 1979. EHMI is an independent non-profit, environmental, health, and safety education and research organization dedicated to resolving environmental problems through education and consensus. EHMI is internationally recognized as serving as a "bridge" between adversarial extremes through its programs, services, information-sharing, and educational products. EHMI also functions as the research and development arm of EHS Publishing, LLC.