EHS Publishing is proud to introduce the Pandemic Flu Information Wheel. It contains everything you need to know to prepare your community or business for an influenza pandemic.

One side of the wheel provides information on actions you can take to prevent pandemic flu including what to do when:

  • You are well but a flu patient is in your house
  • You develop flu like symptoms
  • Someone develops flu like symptoms at work
  • You or somebody else feels the need to cough or sneeze
  • Your employer or public health authorities ask for cooperation

The other side provides information on how to prepare for a flu pandemic including:

  • Flu they help?
  • How to ready up a supply of food
  • How to ready up infection control and sick room supplies
  • General Emergency Preparedness
  • How to assemble health information

Put your logo on the wheels!

There is space at the top of the wheel for logos or other information you would like to have added to the wheels making this tool perfect for government jurisdictions and agencies or service organizations to distribute to their constituents and clients. Just ask our sales person about this feature. You can order these wheels by contacting our office at 603-868-1496 or by ordering directly on this Web site (coming soon).