Gisele New Face of Environment


Supermodel Gisele Named UN Environment Ambassador Victoria Secret supermodel Gisele Bundchen was titled with Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations Environment Program last Sundy. At the event Gisele stated, “Mother [...]

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Emergency Response

Energy Conservation

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Pollution Control

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Tamiflu Overdosing

Tamiflu Dosing Confuses Doctors A new article in the New England Journal of Medicine details the problems two doctors had in administering common medicine to their children. Kara Jacobson (a health literacy [...]


Global Warming

Greenland Ice Melting

Global Warming|

Greenland Ice Melting The British Journal Nature released a new study proving that Greenland is melting faster than previously thought. The research, discovered by the University of Copenhagen, proved that previous data [...]

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Environmental Technologies

Sky Pod

Environmental Technologies|

A Future Without Cars Company Unimodal Systems and NASA are looking into innovative public transport. Their solution, called “Sky Pod”, runs on an elevated electromagnetic rail like a monorail. Unlike [...]

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Endangered Species

Mekong Wildlife

Endangered Species|

Disappearing Species in Mekong Last year 163 new species were discovered in the Southeast Asian Mekong region. Unfortunately, all of these species are becoming extinct by the day. Global warming [...]


Endangered Species|

Coywolves Coyotes and wolves have begun to cross-breed due to strains on their ecosystems. The new hybrid benefits coyote populations more than it does the wolves. Coywolves can take take [...]

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