Since its founding in 1979, EHMI has fostered consensus and communication among interests so diverse—corporate, government, military, community, and education—it was then thought impossible to gather them all around one table. Yet in doing exactly that, EHMI was able to craft practical solutions to complex environmental, safety and health issues.

From the early days of hazardous waste regulation, litigation and cleanup to more subtle and pervasive issues like lead poisoning and mold-related health hazards, EHMI has served as arbiter, problem-solver, trainer, and educator. Through the 1980s and 1990s EHMI prepared businesses and industries with the knowledge and tools to ready themselves for impending federal and state regulations regarding hazardous chemicals and emergency preparedness.

Today, EHMI continues to provide research and mediation under the directive that global sustainability is critical to the bottom line, whether in the face of pandemic, global warming, or future hazards yet to come.