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Emergency Readiness Information Wheel

What to do in case of an earthquake, flood, hazardous materials incident and more. Use the Emergency Readiness and National Security Wheel and be prepared when disaster strikes!

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Pandemic Flu Information Wheel

EHS Publishing is proud to introduce the Pandemic Flu Information Wheel. It contains everything you need to know to prepare your community or business for an influenza pandemic.

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Household Information Products

Offers practical information and tips for managing commonly used household chemical products. A practical guide to Composting. A dynamic reference tool for performing a home audit on the responsible use, storage, and disposal of potentially hazardous household products.

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Composting Information Wheel

Composting is the natural breakdown (decomposition) of organic materials. Practiced by individuals, schools, communities, and municipalities, composting offers a unique opportunity to contribute to and directly benefit from, part of the solid waste solution: recycling.

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Indoor Air Quality Information Wheels

What is “Black Mold” and should I have my home tested? Find out with the Mold Management Wheel. Practical information to help increase energy efficiency in the home and educate about important indoor air quality issues like radon, lead dust and asbestos. Home Environmental Wheel©.

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Oil Recycling Information Products

Know what to do from purchase to disposal and recycling. Tips for a “green” and safe oil change. Addresses used motor oil/filters, re-refined motor oil, etc. Guide provides disposal options for properly managing used motor oil and oil filters, batteries, antifreeze, tires, and more.

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Lead Poisoning Prevention Information Wheel

A must for homeowners and renters, especially those with young children. Identifies nine potential lead sources and provides steps for recognizing and minimizing exposure to lead.

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Children Information Products

Information-rich booklets and publications that help parents and teachers educate children on different topics including: water conservation, composting, protecting the environment, energy conservation, recycling and more.

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